Issue: Monitoring UART using the Peripheral Monitor in LPC Xpresso makes UART unusable

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rhoukes on Thu Oct 16 05:51:36 MST 2014
Basicly the title explains it all. I ran into it the problem while trying to work with the UART peripheral on a LPC1763. I use the Peripheral Monitor in LCP Xpresso to see if all the registers are set to what I expect. With another peripheral that all went well. However when debugging the UARTs available, monitoring the UART perihperal complety makes the UART stop working. If the UART peripherals are not monitored the UART works fine without issues. The UART recieves and send bytes with no issues.

The debug link it provided using an LPC-Link debugger.

I do not know it monitoring was the UART peripherals was impossible to begin with. On the other hand I might have ran into a quite odd bug.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Enable the UART
2. Montitor the UART using the Peripheral Monitor
3. Try using the UART and find out it does not work when monitored.