LPC1769 flash, memory mapping

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I'm trying to write some bytes to the flash memory of the LPC1769 but this always fails with the message "SRC_ADDR_NOT_MAPPED".

The test code is:

uint32_t test = 123456;

printf("prepare: %u\n", u32IAP_PrepareSectors(16, 16));
printf("written: %u\n", u32IAP_CopyRAMToFlash(0x00010000, (uint32_t) test, 256));

and the functions

uint32_t u32IAP_PrepareSectors(uint32_t u32StartSector, uint32_t u32EndSector)
    uint32_t u32Status;
    uint32_t au32Result[5];
    uint32_t au32Command[5];

    if (u32EndSector < u32StartSector)
        u32Status = IAP_STA_INVALD_PARAM;
        au32Command[0] = IAP_CMD_PREPARE_SECTORS;
        au32Command[1] = u32StartSector;
        au32Command[2] = u32EndSector;

        IAP_EXECUTE_CMD(au32Command, au32Result);

        u32Status = au32Result[0];
    return u32Status;

uint32_t u32IAP_CopyRAMToFlash(uint32_t u32DstAddr, uint32_t u32SrcAddr, uint32_t u32Len)
    uint32_t au32Result[5];
    uint32_t au32Command[5];

    au32Command[0] = IAP_CMD_COPY_RAM_TO_FLASH;
    au32Command[1] = u32DstAddr;
    au32Command[2] = u32SrcAddr;
    au32Command[3] = u32Len;
    au32Command[4] = SystemCoreClock / 1000UL;    /* Core clock frequency in kHz */

    IAP_EXECUTE_CMD(au32Command, au32Result);

    return au32Result[0];

what does this SRC_ADDR_NOT_MAPPED mean?