using example ISR code from blinky and extint

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Edit: I got the code to compile by including timer16.h in the file where i use these functions, i should have known better.  I also got the code to compile when i combined both files into one big file, I named interrupts.c.  So I've proven to myself that the files gpio_int.c and timer16_int.c are able to be used together.

I'm trying to use example code from LPCXpresso1343_extint and LPCXpresso1343_blinky. These projects are in LPCXpresso1343.zip

In blinky, a file called timer16_int.c defines the interrupt handler functions for timer interrupts.
In extint, a file called gpio_int.c defines the interrupt handler functions for GPIO interrupts

In the comments, a CodeRed programmer explains that these functions have been extracted from the project 'LPC13xx_Lib' from the files timer16.c and gpio.c respectively, the goal being that projects are more independent from each other?

I'd like to somehow use a GPIO interrupt [I]and[/I] a Timer interrupt in my project, but including both timer16_int.c and gpio_int.c in my /src directory seems to be causing issues. (variables and functions i'm using from timer16.c in gpio_int.c aren't working/compiling)

I need help hacking these example interrupt handler files to work together. I'm thinking about using one big file containing code from both these c files, eliminating possible #include problems.

thanks for your input,
Aaron Martin