LPC1343 Newbie Question - GPIO stangeness

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by josephfreiburg on Fri Mar 23 09:11:44 MST 2012
I sucessfully compiled and ran both the "blinky" and "systic" code from the NXP examples. I am using the Embedded Artists LPC1343 Quick Start board and the LPCxpresso debug interface. I then wanted to attach 8 LEDs to the GPIO1 bits 4-11 and let them turn on/off with the original code's LED (GPIO0 bit7). Everything worked except that bit 5 was always off and 6-7 were always on. Good, bit 4 blinked wildly, which was due to the JTAG interface. I tried the same thing with the systic code except this time with GPIO1 bits 0-7. In this case bits0-2 were always off and 3 again blinked as before.

I'm sure it's obvious, but what am I overlooking? Why don't the GPIO bits being addressed (using CMSIS 1.3 & GPIOSetDir / GPIOSetValue) work as I expected?

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