LPC1769 Xpresso!!.....more like a extra long cafe latte!!!

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gmason on Thu Aug 29 13:26:56 MST 2013

Has anyone had any issues with the code red software not finding the LPCXpresso at Debug time.  I bought this device brand new about a week ago, came with a little message saying go to a website address where I picked up a getting started manual which is out of date as some of the example projects which there are about 4 folders all for the LPC1769, any way I went for the GPIO as this looked a good place to start.  Anyway all is fine until the debugging stage, "cannot find emulator", well I can tell you it is plugged into the USB port and the only sign of life is an orange led flashing, so whats the story on that is that the program ?

Ok so after spending half the night trying again and again looking at forums etc got absolutely nowhere.   Ok next move lets try and e-mail the experts to see if they can give me a straight answer via e-mail, well it seems the response from the experts was dont bother us go and trawl through the forums until you find something that looks like your fault and try and resolve the problem yourself.  Well I have tried that and guess what cant find anything similar just loads and loads of other confused people with loads of other issues which doesnt fill me with much confidence for the future. 

Ok please tell me Mr Code Red, or is it LPCware or is it NXP or is it Embedded Artists ? whoever is responsible, if you buy something brand new like say a Car or a washing machine and it doesnt work first time you use it,  what normal people do is contact the manufacturers or even better just send the damn thing back, not just accept that its probably you (the customers fault) and waste your valuable time trying to fix it, please please please think of the end user!! for once.

Please excuse my bitching, I was hoping that this device would be as easy to use as my LPC1768 mbed device (now that thing rocks!!) up and running in a couple of minutes hoooray well done to whoever designed that little beauty!! and also a great technical support.

To whoever is out there If I dont get this thing running soon I am sending straight back to the supplier and getting my money back.