Failed on connect: Ee(07). Bad ACK returned from status - wire error.

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I am used to work with the lpc11c24. However for this project I needed two uarts, so I am using the lpc1224/121 and still use the LPC-link of the lpc11c24 developmentboard to program the 1224.

In preferences I changed the mcu setting to the correct mcu. Downloaded LPC12xx-Xpresso samples and imported all the example projects. Build all projects. But when I try to program the microcontroller with the blinky example, I get a wire error.

crt_emu_lpc11_13_nxp -flash-load-exec "C:\Users\emiel\Documents\LPCXpresso_8.0.0
_526\workspace\Blinky\Debug\Blinky.axf" -g -2 -vendor=NXP -pLPC1224/121 -wire=winUSB -s250 -flash-

Ni: LPCXpresso Debug Driver v8.0 (Nov 17 2015 10:46:16 - crt_emu_lpc11_13_nxp.exe build 305)
Pc: (  0) Reading remote configuration
Pc: (  5) Remote configuration complete
Ed:02: Failed on connect: Ee(07). Bad ACK returned from status - wire error.
Et: Emu(0): Connected. Was: NotConnected. CpuID: 00000000. Info: WIN64HS12
Nc:   Error 0: OK
Nc:   Last sticky error: 0x0 AIndex: 0
Nc:   No debug bus (MemAp) selected
Nc:   DAP Speed test unexecuted or failed
Nc: Debug protocol: SWD Frequency 50 KHz. RTCK: Disabled. Vector catch: Disabled.
Pc: (100) Target Connection Failed

In the program flash menu it says: "Program target flash: LPC11xx (NXP LPC1224/121)" is this correct? The 11xx doesn't make sense to me since I choose to use the 1224.

Attached a picture of the microcontroller schematic part. And a picture of the 'Flash program' menu.

edit: I've never been able to program the flash before.

edit2: the xtal y1 is a 12MHz crystal