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Hello all,

I have LPCXpresso v 3.3.4 installed on my PC which I have not used for approx 10 months. Now that I want to use it again I am having trouble using the debug mode.

The problem im having has the following symptom:

- I set the IDE to start up in debug mode,

- I set a break point,

- Start my debug session

- Session stops on break point

- I try to use 'Step Into' F5 or 'Step Over' F6

Then the IDE does not do what it used to do and that is to step to the next line, instead, a new window opens up labled 1 "<symbol is not available> 0" containing Red text "No source available for """ and a button labled "View Disassembly".

If i press F5 or F6 again an error message reporting "Execution is suspended because of error" is reported.

Can anyone help ?