LPC1224 BOD levels

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Andrew on Sun Mar 25 19:25:10 MST 2012
Hi everyone,

   I've got an interesting question regarding the supply voltage and BOD levels for LPC1224.
   The datasheet says that the minimum supply voltage for the MCU is 3V. On the other hand the user manual specifies BOD levels which are lower than 3V. It doesn't make any sense for me. The BOD interrupts are intended to allow the firmware to execute power fail/low/dip critical code, PRIOR to the MCU behaviour becoming unpredictable. If the MCU becomes unpredictable below 3V, how would can I rely on it to execute a BOD level interrupt below 3V.

   Is it some sort of mistake in the datasheet and minimum supply voltage might be lower than 3V or the BOD functionality is not applicable for the MCU?

    Thank you for your replies