USB won't communicate during debug on DALI master

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by brianjaod on Sat Nov 16 21:39:54 MST 2013
I have the DALI master nxp board and the DALI SDK 2.0 package, which includes the dali master firmware code and the .NET VS application.  The dali master works fine with the default firmware for communicating with the Windows app over USB.  But when I build the firmware in LPCXpresso and run it in debug (using an LPC Link and LPC Link 2) mode, there is no USB communication and the win app crashes, saying that the device attached is not functioning.  However, the rest of the firmware appears to be working because the dali master LED is flashing, as it's supposed to.  It just seems like the USB communication isn't working while debugging.  Any ideas?  The whole point of buying a development board is to have a functioning starting point, which this isn't so far.   Please advise!