LPC1343 QSB Locked Up

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ralieghnet on Mon Apr 02 16:01:11 MST 2012
I need a little help resetting my LPC1343 QSB. I was loading some code to control a ShiftBar. When I went to load the third version of the code onto the QSB lpcxpressor gave me a wire error and my computer opened up a window saying CRP-Disabed. I found that this is another way to load the code onto the board. I tried to reset the debugger by placing PIO0_1 to a low and preforming a reset, but still nothing. So I gave up on using the debugger and tried generating a .bin file. I then loaded to file onto the board did a reset and still the QSB did not take the file. Any help would be appreciated in resetting the board back to a usable state. I know that this code work since I have used it on a larger LPC1343 and was trying to place the code onto a smaller footprint micro-controller.

The pins I was using was 0_1, 1_5, 1_6, 1_7. According to the documentation it says that I can use 0_1 so I did.