LPCXpresso 4 vs 5

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Hi all,

I've just registered at the forum. So, its a pleasure to be with you all.
I'm a software developer with some hobby experience with micro controllers.

[B]I'm starting this thread to ask you about the major differences between version 4 and 5 of the IDE.[/B]

I've used the version 4 before with success (code breaks where working fine, etc...) and one day, I went to the Code Red web site to download the IDE again and I was confronted with a more recent version... I've installed it and it didn't worked... I'm sure it was some configuration problem (or not), but hadn't got the time to solve it.

[B]What can you tell about both versions so far?[/B]

Thank you all in advance.
Best regards,
Tiago Silva.