Mistake in UART4 Transmit Enable Register description for LPC1778

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Hi all,

I'm working with UARTs on LPC1778 microcontroller and I've noticed that there is a number of mistakes in description for U4TER UART4 Transmit Enable Register in UM10470 document. On page 478 U4TER has address 0x400A[COLOR=red]405C[/COLOR] and reset value 0x01, then on page 498 it has 0x400A[COLOR=Red]C05C[/COLOR] address, but on next page it has 0x400A[COLOR=red]4030[/COLOR] address. After some digging I found that reset values for these three registers are:

0x400A4030 = 0x80
0x400A405C = 0x00
0x400AC05C = 0x00

So I assume that offset and reset value for U4TER register is the same as for another UARTs (0/1/2/3), i.e. the correct address is 0x400A4030 and reset value is 0x80. Could you please confirm this or if I'm wrong could you please provide me with the correct address and reset value for the UART4 Transmit Enable Register? Thanks a lot in advance.