LPCXpresso got wrong, doesn't debug anymore

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Bela on Fri Nov 14 12:49:01 MST 2014

I use LPCXpresso v7.5.0 [Build 254] [2014-10-31]  on Ubuntu 14.04 as a novice user.

During debugging my project, I did something wrong (i don't remember already, I wrestled against clearing an IT flag, I still don't know how) and LPCXpresso has fallen into an infinite error message loop. I couldn't click on the OK button so quick, that it could allow me any other operation before the next - same - error message.
I couldn't find any other solution as kill the process by process explorer.
Since than I couldn't debug my project.
I am able to edit my code, I can compile it an I can download it into my LPCXpresso LPC1768 board, but I cannot have my program run down there because these functions are all greyed out. Either F5, F6 or F8 buttons do not have any effect.
I tried everything I can (clean project, creat new project, restart LPCXpresso, reboot my computer) without any effect.
I also tried Window->reset perspective command.

Is there any way to get LPCXpresso back to work again (resetting it somehow), without deleting and than reinstalling it?

I attach a screenshot. Of course, my target is there and attached.