lpcx v800 will not create project dir

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by qrptech on Mon Dec 21 17:52:27 MST 2015
Hi guys,

I have have downloaded and installed v800 b526 32 bit linux lpcxpresso on
my desktop computer and laptop. Both up to date installs of Debian v8.2
testing with mate desktop.
When I create a new project with the wizard it will ask me all the questions
but after the last "finish" it will just sit there...........until I kill it.
The workspace dir is created with the .metadata in it and that is populated
with files. I tried and deleted the workspace, started lpcx which then reloaded
with default settings.

So now I downloaded and installed v792 which works just fine.

Any ideas where to look or to start ?

I have spend a day or 2 on this with various google searches, reinstalls and
countless times creating projects with different settings in the wizard.
I am trying to write firmware for a lpc1517.