LPC deep sleep mode

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Hello guys,

I wanted to know if the LPC1227 has its PWM module (coming from timer) activated in deep sleep mode?

This quote comes from the LPC1227 data sheet (page 44).


Deep-sleep mode
In Deep-sleep mode, the system clock to the processor is disabled as in Sleep mode. All analog blocks are powered down, except for the BOD circuit and the watchdog oscillator,which must be selected or deselected during Deep-sleep mode in the PDSLEEPCFG register. The RTC and the RTC oscillator are operating in Deep-sleep mode unless the RTC is powered down.

Deep-sleep mode eliminates all power used by the flash, analog peripherals and all dynamic power used by the processor itself, memory systems and their related controllers, and internal buses. The processor state and registers, peripheral registers, and internal SRAM values are maintained, and the logic levels of the pins remain static.

The problem is that I can't really sort out of the peripheral is active or not because it's not a analog peripheral.

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