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as an (eternal) beginner I am relying heavily on available examples.
I am using the Code Red compiler and have downloaded various demo sources for LPCXpresso 1343, 1114 and 1769.
For the latter I have examples that include and depend on a suite of periphery drivers that are named "lpc17xx_pinsel.c", "lpc17xx_ssp.c", "lpc17xx_gpio.c" and so on. Other sources use different periphery driver files, e.g. called "gpio.c" or "ssp.c". These two drivers sets are not compatible, it's either or.
Since both seem to have their origin at NXP:
What is the "correct" driver suite to use? Why are there two different versions? And the most interesting question: Where are the equivalent driver files for the two other chips I mentioned?
I've tried to find a file "lpc13xx_pinsel.c" for quite some time now without success ...
Could anybody please enlighten me here?