GPIO Interrupts / Cortex M0 in LPCXpresso V6?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by CMChorey on Fri Jan 31 18:51:16 MST 2014
I have recently installed Xpresso V6.1.2, previously I was using X4.2.2.  I am using the LPC1114 Xpresso Eval / Dev board (with LPC-Link).

I am having problems with Interrupts from GPIO's, ... basically very simple code that runs perfectly well under V4.2.2 (i.e. toggle a LED on interrupt from a Button Press) does not work in V6.1.2.  In V6.1.2 I can see that the interrupt is being handled by the default handler and not by my PIOINT2_IRQHandler. 

I also tried one of the Examples provided with the LPC1114 SW package, (called 'extint') and it has the same problem, ... runs fine in V4.2.2. does not works correctly in V6.1.2

In both cases I am using exactly the same CMSISV2.0 files and definitions in both versions of Xpresso.

Any ideas or hints?