debug will pause even no breakpoint

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  I'm porting a FreeRTOS firmware. It works well on task and it is able to do 2 led blinking tasks. Now I would like to port the uip LAN code. After I port the code, it starts to auto break a specific line. I have search :

  They say most probably is an exception but I can't check the exception message. I tried both delete the .metadata folder and create a new project but still the same. So I sure is code problem because this happened after I added the uip code.

I'm using :
1) Red suite 4
2) FreeRTOS v7.4.0
3) LPC2368
4) CR-JR ARM7 development kit

I have attached my src code and makefile those. It breaks at portISR.c line 130 : portSAVE_CONTEXT();

Here is the console screen I have:
1) C-Build
**** Build of configuration Debug for project RTOS Sample4 ****

make all
make: Nothing to be done for `all'.

2) MCU Debug Log
(crt_emu_a7_nxp) terminating on communication loss: Pipe has been closed by GDB.
Code Red Technologies Debug Driver v4.0 (Jul 22 2011 23:38:09)
Looked for chip XML file in C:/code_red/RedSuiteNXP_4.0.6_249/redsuite/bin/LPC2368.xml
Looked for vendor directory XML file in C:/code_red/RedSuiteNXP_4.0.6_249/redsuite/bin/nxp_directory.xml
Found generic directory XML file in C:/code_red/RedSuiteNXP_4.0.6_249/redsuite/bin/crt_directory.xml
Emu(0): Conn&Reset. DpID: 4F1F0F0F. Info: T1S6RGRIA
JTAG Frequency: 250 KHz. RTCK: False. Vector catch: False.
Packet delay: 0  Poll delay: 0.
NXP: LPC2368  Part ID: 0x1600F925
Connected: was_reset=false. was_stopped=true
v Full license with download limit of 512K
Writing 65808 bytes to 0000 in Flash (assumed clock: 48.0MHz)
Verified-same page 0-7 with 32768 bytes in 2410msec
Verified-same page   8 with 32768 bytes in 2426msec
Verified-same page   9 with 272 bytes in 66msec
Flash write Done
Stopped: Breakpoint #1
Stopped: Step

3) Debug arm-none-eobi-gdb
set remotetimeout 60000
info program
Debugging a target over a serial line.
Program stopped at 0xffffffec.
Type "info stack" or "info registers" for more information.
set mem inaccessible-by-default off
mon ondisconnect cont
Note: automatically using hardware breakpoints for read-only addresses.

4) Debug *.axf
[no msg]