__CLZ and SSAT in DSP_LIB are broken and crash with UndefInsr

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Dmitry on Sun Nov 13 05:11:46 MST 2011
I am modifying the example project [B]adc_semihosting[/B] to work with DSP library and do some FFTs. Here's my setup:

uP: LPC1769 on LPCXpresso board
dsplib: CMSISv2p00_DSPLIB_CM3

I added the library .a file to the library search paths, and "${workspace_loc:/CMSISv2p00_DSPLIB_CM3/inc}" to include directory.

It builds OK with the following warnings:
[FONT=Lucida Console]warning: implicit declaration of function '__CLZ'
warning: implicit declaration of function '__SSAT'[/FONT]

I initialise the FFT like so:
[FONT=Courier New]arm_rfft_init_q15(&S,&S_CFFT,N_samples,ifftFlag,doBitReverse);[/FONT]
(same as in the example code)

When I run the program it crashes on the line
[FONT=Courier New]arm_rfft_q15(&S, ADC_samples,OutputFFT);[/FONT]
and ends up in  [FONT=Courier New]HardFault_Handler(void)[/FONT]
Looking at Core Registers in debugger, it shows a [I]UndefInsr[/I] in Faults register.

I am wondering why the compiler is not recognising the CLZ and SSAT instructions, and why program crashes with such result?
Am I missing some includes or what?

Thanks for looking!