Problem with watchpoints.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by micrio on Mon Nov 14 18:38:27 MST 2011
I am working with a LPC1114/301 and LPCXpresso ver 4.1.0_190.
If I set a single watchpoint the watchpoint seems to work correctly.

If I set two watchpoints then the LPCXpresso hangs up.   It does not appear
to break.   The watchpoints would not have been hit during this test.

If I hit the "suspend" button to stop the processor I get a popup that
says "crt_emu_lpc11_13_nxp.exe has stopped working.   I can terminate
the debug session and restart it OK.

The manual says that the chip has 2 watchpoints.   Is there any
reason for my problem?