Help with UART coding for LPC1769?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jodoe on Wed Nov 02 08:21:13 MST 2011
hi, i am new to this and have trouble understanding how to code a simple program in 'C' using the lpcXpresso to send/receive data to my LPC1769 via UART using USB to UART? could someone provide a simple 'C' coding for the proper way to do so? my main beef is not knowing how to use the UART_Receive and UART_Send functions properly

eg using the console panel in LPCXpresso, i want to type "hello world" and make the LPC1769 board be able to display this on the OLED screen as well as see the result on the console panel in LPCXpresso via printf function?

could someone take me through the steps, from initialising the uart, to writing the actual 'C' coding in the main.c file? i'm using semihosting redlib, and the default libaries (Lib_MCU, Lib_EaBaseBoard, Lib_CMSISv1p30_LPC17xx) which were used by the demo program which came with the baseboard, and my LPC1769 is connected via usb cables by the way.