LPC1769 Configure Clock?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by belskyc on Thu Mar 21 17:11:28 MST 2013
Really basic question.  On the LPC1769, I'm trying to setup the clock such that:
CCLK = OSC_CLK.  Here's the initializing code I tried:

LPC_SC->CLKSRCSEL &= ~(0x00000003);  // sysclk = osc_clk: Setup External Oscillator = 12Mhz.
LPC_SC->CLKSRCSEL |=  (0x00000001);
LPC_SC->PLL0CON   &= ~(0x00000003);  // pllclk = sysclk: Disable and bypass PLL.
LPC_SC->CCLKCFG   &= ~(0x000000FF);  // cclk = pllclk = sysclk:  Clock Divide = 1.

When I try to run on the LPCXpresso LPC1769 demo board, the debugger crashes.  However, if I comment out this and rely on register defaults for the clock (using the IRC - Internal RC Oscillator), it runs. 

Does anyone see what I'm missing or have any examples on simple configurations of the clock? 

Thanks much,