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Looking for ICS05J.S19 for old HC705J1A EvaL KIT

Discussion created by chris knoche on May 25, 2008
Latest reply on May 26, 2008 by chris knoche
Hi Everybody,
this may be a long shot , but here goes. I am looking for the above named 's' record for an old JICS programming/development board from around 1996/7.
This S record is for a HSC705C8A but the development kit if for a HC705J1A. The C8A is used on the eval board to program J1A devices and to emulate/simulate the J1A in circuit.
The problem is some pins on some ports on my C8A have been 'popped' and I can no longer emulate the J1A in circuit. That means I have to program OTP J1A devices to see if the code is perfect , which is obviously not ideal.
I spent some hours searching the freescale website to no avail.
I'm well aware I should be migrating to a more current device but just wondered if I can easily keep this system in use longer.