I2C frequency accuracy

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by guillaumeL on Tue Nov 20 05:37:47 MST 2012

  I'm developing an application using I2C interface of the LPC1769. All is working fine but it seems the I2C SCL frequency is not accurate. For example, when I want this frequency at 100kHz it is OK but if I set 400kHz the frequency is only 350 kHz.

  I use the PLL0 with Main oscillator @ 12MHz as input. The setting of the PLL is LPC_SC->PLL0CFG = 0x10018; (N= 2 & M = 25). Fcco is 300 MHz and I set LPC_SC->CCLKCFG = 0x02; to get 100MHz as system clock.

  I2C clk is equal to system clock.

  Do you know where this frequency "error" can come from?