LPC1114 Stopped working

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Poenie on Fri Jan 14 01:32:09 MST 2011
I am using an LPC1114. It was working well. I eventually changed a line in the programming, adding an output command to set a pin. Since then my computer does not pick up the board. I get the message:

"Connect to emulator or board: NXP LPC1100  No emulqtor or board available.  This could be because it is unpowered, unconnected or already in use."

I then did the hard reset by grounding P0_1 when asserting reset. The LED goes on so I think it is resetting. But still I get the same message when trying to connect. Is it possible that something blew out on the board? I can not think of anything else that can be wrong, as it was working fine previously.