Incrementing value in CLRC663

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by Microembedded on Fri May 23 02:37:52 MST 2014
I am trying to implement RC663-LPC1227-Classic project.I am able to read and write data and value into block.The problem i am facing is i am not able to increment the value in block.The code gets stuck  when i write the function for incrementing the value in the block.The code is given below.

Input through serial port is va+41
if ( UARTCount0 != 0 )

if (strstr((const char *)UARTBuffer0, "va+"))

                                             strncpy(bBufferReader,(const char *)UARTBuffer0+4,2);
                                                                                                         PH_CHECK_SUCCESS_FCT(status, phalMfc_Increment(&alMfc,4, bBufferReader));//code gets stuck here.
                                                                              if( status )
                                                                           UARTSend( 0, "No TAG",6);
                                                       PH_CHECK_SUCCESS_FCT(status, phalMfc_ReadValue(&alMfc,4,bBufferReader4,12));
                                                       UARTSend( 0, bBufferReader4,2);
                                                       UARTSend( 0, "Success",6);
                                                         UARTCount0 = 0;

The same problem i face when i copy value from one block to another.
PH_CHECK_SUCCESS_FCT(status, phalMfc_RestoreTransfer(&alMfc,4,5));

Please help