How to Full Speed USB communication without VCOM ???

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by omerkarakucuk on Sun Nov 25 12:56:13 MST 2012
Hi everyone,
I need to communicate with LPC1769 via usb at 4Mbit/s or more (like 8Mbit/s). examples about usb are usualy HID or CDC SerialPort. 

I know that HID has a speed limit
And i dont want to use communiacation as SerialPort on PC. Because if I use CDC Serialport example any serial terminal application like putty or HyperTerminal can open communication with my hardware. And I'm not sure that if i can get 4Mbit/s with CDC serialport example.

When I search about USB and LPCExpresso i saw that for fast communication generally CDC is recomended. Is there anyway to use CDC without serial port ??? or anyone have any other advice for fast communication with LPC1769 over USB ???

thx in advance.