LPCXpresso v5.0.12 released

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by CodeRedSupport on Fri Nov 23 05:15:49 MST 2012
LPCXpresso v5.0.12 has been released. Changes in this release include:

[*] To improve debug startup time, the debug configuration now prompts  to select a debug emulator and stores it. Future debug sessions using  that configuration will use the stored emulator.
[*] Added support new parts/families from NXP
[*] LPC11xxLV
[*] LPC8xx
[*] LPC11E3x
[*] Fixed resource leaks when terminating a debug session
[*] Added missing TDI/TDO flags in Jtag configuration dialog
[*] Added preference to control whether Redlink is booted
[*] Major performance improvements to LPC18/43 SPIFI flash drivers
[*] Fix indexer configuration
[*] Fix problem with display of Semihosting output on Linux