LPC1769 + Uart + i2c

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I'm new here and I started to work with the lpc 1769, to learn how UART works I start with on example code (attached), but after many attempts to put it to work, i has some problems, when i get into debug mode it stopped instantaneous and after this when i tried to enter in debug mode again is shown on error (15), about the flash is not accessible, and i need do reset the lpc.

("The first thing to try with NXP LPC MCU's to recover debug access is to boot into the ISP bootloader. That is, GND the ISP pin, assert RST, then remove the GND to ISP pin. Once in the ISP bootloader, the target clock configuration is stable, and the debug pins are in their default state - you should be able to connect" - Code red support)


Another question when i tried to use the 12c example , an error occurs, when the code below appear

 StatValue = LPC_I2C0->STAT;

saying that STAT is not part of LPC_I2C0, this occurs with all LPC_I2Cx lines.

Anyone know what's going on?

Thanks a lot