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Content originally posted in LPCWare by eX-SNB on Tue Oct 29 06:54:14 MST 2013
I'm new here and it is my first time with LPCXpresso and the LPC1857 (Hitex Eval Board).

My project is an data logger and I wil store measured data form a accelerometer in the SDRAM temporary.
I have an example program for the Hitex Eval Board, it is called memtest, I will use this project as for testing the SDRAM and my project.

Now my question:
In the project properties from the memtest project the SDRAM (adress 0x28000000) is not listed in the Memory Configration Editor.
Only the internal Flash (0x14000000) and five RAMs (adress 0x10000000,0x10080000,0x20000000,0x20008000,0x2000c000) are listed.

Is it necassary that I add here the SDRAM?

On the website "http://support.code-red-tech.com/CodeRedWiki/EnhancedManagedLinkScripts  " I found that only the firts RAM in the Memory Configuration Editor is used for data or bss.
But I will use the SDRAM for saving the measured data in an Array.
Should I do this procedure?
Is it enough to add the SDRAM in the Memory Configuration Editor and the Linker manage the location from the usable storage itself?