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I'm using GCC to compile the blinky.c project. 

When I compile the project I get the following errors... can someone give me some ideas...

$ arm-elf-gcc *.c
/var/folders/M3/M3ZMF1R+HgmJJ9L0NdTRKk+++TI/-Tmp-//ccp57olU.o: In function `main':
blinky_main.c:(.text+0xe4): undefined reference to `SystemCoreClock'
/var/folders/M3/M3ZMF1R+HgmJJ9L0NdTRKk+++TI/-Tmp-//ccOipiYg.o: In function `Reset_Handler':
What file contains the definition for what SystemCoreClock is for the LPC1114?  I thought it would be located in timer32.h but it isn't.  I know the clock runs at 48 MHz.