Differences LPC2362 and LPC2368

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by finfo on Thu Jun 17 00:14:34 MST 2010
I am working on a prototype with the LPC2362.
I would say the hardware is working.
Now I am trying to implement a software originally written with the Keil IDE.

I got the original hex file.
In the original device is the UART0 used to receive data. Then the software is switched to the UART3 for my device. (has another reason not important here)
This is included in the hex file.

When I am using flashmagic to write that software into the device it is not working on the UART3 side. I could tell that because in the debug mode the same occurs.

Now is my question is there anything different on the LPC2362 to the LPC2368 device which could be the reason for that? The flash size is not the problem because I don't fill the128kB.

Thank for any ideas!