LPC1769 + EasyWeb: running without debugger?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by msemtd on Fri Apr 01 01:29:07 MST 2011
Hi, you'll have to forgive my lack of expertise as I'm used to simpler platforms for software development! Just last night I managed to get my little LCP1769 board to run the EasyWeb example and serve up the example page (through a magjack) via debug -- that's great, I'm very pleased!

But when I tried to run it without the debugger, but powered from the same USB port, it doesn't seem to work - it looks like it gets into some sort of reset loop (the link and activity lights on my switch show regular ~1.5Hz bursts). Is this because the LPC1769 is trying to talk to the debugger with its printf statements and the like? Perhaps it's trying to talk to something on the development board (that I don't have!)

I built the "release" build configuration and that ran OK --- but again only under the debugger! My next line of enquiry (after some sleep) will be to try and strip out anything that looks like it is dependent on development board or some other fancy stuff I don't yet understand but there's so much of it that I doubt I'll get very far. So I'm reaching out for some community support -- can any kind enlightened soul let me know what's wrong?:D