Assembler error in LPCXpresso v7.3.0

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Tom Barrett on Mon Sep 29 14:48:33 MST 2014
When attempting to assemble the following two assembler instructions:

   asm ("SUBS R0, R0, #0x1C");  and

   asm ("SUBS R0, R0, #4");

LPXCpresso produces the following error message:

Error: instruction not supported in Thumb16 mode -- `subs R0,R0,#0x1C'
Error: instruction not supported in Thumb16 mode -- `subs R0,R0,#4'

I believe this to be an error in LPCXpresso because I have used this code previously on an LPC1227 with IAR EWARM tools successfully. Moreover, the Cortex-M0 reference manual, UM10441, page 392 clearly states that SUBS is indeed supported for CM0.

Has someone else encountered this same issue before? If so, and you know of a fix for this, I would appreciate hearing from you.