How does memory configuration works?

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I'm using the last LPCXpresso, to make an application embedded on a LPC1788 + an external SDRAM 32M (K4S561632C)

I have to use and split the ext.SDRAM to 4 regions. The first and the second will be used for the LCD buffer (2 LCD buffer), the third one is an array of a &graphic objet. The last one will save the content of the graphic object. simple no :)

I started by creating a new memory in the project's properties -> MCU settings -> Memory config.

Then, I have allocated using malloc a big array:

 unsigned long* unUsed;
unUsed = malloc(512*1024*1024*sizeof(unsigned long));
_printPointer(50, 100, "unUsed pointer", &unUsed[512*1024*1024-1]);

The printed address returns me 0x9000 1160. When I looked to the UM, it seems that address corresponds to an external SRAM and not the external SDRAM (might be 0xA........ in my case)

So, my question is why I have this value and not the attended one?

Thank you