Question about LPC-LINK, LPC-LINK2, Red probe+

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by tuanhai1989 on Fri Sep 05 08:54:03 MST 2014
Hi  i'm a beginer with LPCXpresso IDE and LPC microcontroller. I have three question :
1)  I'm using LPC-LINK (version 1) in board lpcxpresso 1114. Can I using it for LPC M0+ microcontroller with red trace (ITM, ETM)?
2)  I'm want to buy a Red probe+ but seems it not to be sold. can you show me how to buy it.
3)  I'm used LPC-LINK 2 but it not have Serial Wire Viewer ( Red Probe+ have swv), can LPC-LINK2 will support it?

I'm very interesting in LPC-LINK2 and LPC microcontroller, please help me. Thanks
Sorry because my English skill not good. :)