LPC1114 changing crystal frequencies

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I am wanting to use a 16.384MHz crystal with the LPC1114 expresso boards. As a first step I was wantinging to change blinky to use at 16.384MHz  When I change the the crystal on the board I also set __XTAL in system_LPC11xx.c to 16384000UL The clock set up in system_LPC11xx.h is as shown. When I start the debugging session I keep ending up in the hardfault fault function! What am I doing wrong? I have checked with a scope and the crystal is running at 16.384MHz

#define CLOCK_SETUP           1
#define SYSCLK_SETUP          1
#define SYSOSC_SETUP          1
#define SYSOSCCTRL_Val        0x00000000
#define WDTOSC_SETUP          0
#define WDTOSCCTRL_Val        0x000000A0
#define SYSPLLCLKSEL_Val      0x00000001
#define SYSPLL_SETUP          1
#define SYSPLLCTRL_Val        0x00000022
#define MAINCLKSEL_Val        0x00000003
#define SYSAHBCLKDIV_Val      0x00000001
#define AHBCLKCTRL_Val        0x0001005F
#define SSP0CLKDIV_Val        0x00000001
#define UARTCLKDIV_Val        0x00000001
#define SSP1CLKDIV_Val        0x00000001

blinky16 Debug [C/C++ MCU Application]   
    MCU GDB Debugger (25/03/2011 13:53) (Suspended)   
        Thread [1] (Suspended: Signal 'SIGSTOP' received. Description: Stopped (signal).)   
            3 HardFault_Handler() c:\d656\nxp workspace\blinky16\startup\cr_startup_lpc11.c:284 0x0000036c   
            2 <signal handler called>()  0xfffffff9   
            1 main() c:\d656\nxp workspace\blinky16\src\blinky_main.c:81 0x00000396   
    arm-none-eabi-gdb (25/03/2011 13:53)   
    C:\d656\nxp workspace\blinky16\Debug\blinky.axf (25/03/2011 13:53)