LPCXpresso can not debug a custom LPC1768 board while Keil uVision can

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by zhiyong on Fri Sep 05 02:16:02 MST 2014
Hi all,

First post in this forum so greetings to everyone.

I am having some trouble debugging a custom board I made with LPCXpresso, hopefully someone could lend me a hand.

The board is made off MBED, Jtag interface was designed based on the following page

Power supply is sourced from an on board step down IC.

The program I was trying to debug is a simple blinky exported from mbed.org.

Somehow, the debug process just could not proceed. I have tried LPCXpresso  from version 6.1 to 7.3, with both ULink2 and LPC-link2 debug tool, and 10 pin cable.

The most error message I got was:

Error in final launch sequence

Other error message are:
10: Could not start execution from stop
2: Target marked as non-debugable.

The funny thing is,  the same setup (ulink2 / LPC-link2 + my custom board) works perfectly fine with Keil uVision. So the board itself and debug tools work.

I tend to think I may have missed some configuration in LPCXpresso but could figure out what exactly I am missing. I tried changing Vector catch, reset handling etc, none of them worked.

So that is the situation, any thoughts ideas will be greatly appreciated.