Flex Cam Example with unsynchronized camera.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by LRWEng on Wed Dec 24 12:25:23 MST 2014

Currently studying the AN11365 Application that involves LPC1857 on Keil Eval board. The camera I've selected for the product
conforms to ITU656 which simply means it has signals SIMILIAR to the sketchy CMOS cameras in the examples but does not accept
an EXTERNAL clock. Which means it will run async to the micro. (Has a PCLK that free-runs).

Application SHOULD work if the SCT can accept a 13.5MHz PCLK that is not tied to micro clock as an event input. And I know that the SCT
reclocks everything before use.

1)  Does anyone have experience with this SCT/GPDMA/LCD/EMC design using cameras that cannot be locked to XCLK?
2) Extra credit question -- Did I miss where the SCT setup for this APP is compiled in separate SCT design tool (like FSIM or equiv) ? Or did these guys just wing it and stuff registers?

Thanks, to all working on Christmas Eve..,...