LPCXpresso 5.0.14 Complier Command Pattern setup?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by riscy00 on Sun Jan 13 01:54:44 MST 2013
I have several includes .h files within several folders and wish to automate the complier to find them, without defining manually within project properties (C/C++ Build>Setting>Include).

ie #include "../uartfolder/KissMyUart.h",
where I could write #include "KissMyUart.h" for several c files.

I have CodeRed LPCXpresso 5.0.14 (latest version Jan 2013), for LPC17xx.h based device.

It say the Discovery features (within project properties) is being made obsolete, okay, how to disable it completely?

I had a play with the Preprocessor Include, Path, Macro, etc, I enable it by checking the box.

Under the Complier command pattern, the default is ("gcc)|([gc]\+\+)|(clang)", that fine until I came across one member (link below) suggest to change to (arm-elf-gcc)|([gc]\+\+)|(clang).

One issue that I like to raised about Complier command pattern, is this right configuration?, should this be (arm-none-eabi)|([gc]\+\+)|(clang)?


Can anyone advise?