LPCXpresso with Keil MCB4357

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by richard parker on Thu Jun 26 13:32:05 MST 2014
This is a completely stupid and very basic question I know. This is what happens when a hardware guy has to start playing with software :/

I want to download code onto a Keil MCB4357 with examples from LPCXpresso. Do I need to use a ULINK2 or can I use the LPC-LINK2 or even the Segger J-LINK? As you may gather I only have the MCB4357 evaluation board and not the board with the ULINK-ME. How do I see what hardware debug tool is selected? So far I have only used example projects using the inbuilt LPC-LINK2 on other Xpresso boards and this is my first foray into a non xpresso board.