Looking for digital filter example project

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I am trying to find an example project where CMSIS DSP library is being used.

Only as an example, an application where arm_fir_q31.c file is used would be appreciated. Here I copy the FIR filter function:

   * @brief Processing function for the Q31 FIR filter.
   * @param[in] *S points to an instance of the Q31 FIR filter structure.
   * @param[in] *pSrc points to the block of input data.
   * @param[out] *pDst points to the block of output data.
   * @param[in] blockSize number of samples to process.
   * @return none.
  void arm_fir_q31(
  const arm_fir_instance_q31 * S,
  q31_t * pSrc,
  q31_t * pDst,
  uint32_t blockSize);