Example Code for IAP LPC1317-64P & ISP vs IAP

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1. Any Example code for IAP.? I have code where I have to store calculated 400 bytes of data on flah & then read it back after later use. Can it be done. Eeprom can be used & have done it but by this I want to learn programming flash with IAP.

2. Also I read that a unanswered question back in forum abt ISP & IAP.
Now keil says

In-System Programming means that the device can be programmed in the circuit by using an utility such as the ULINK USB-JTAG Adapter.

In-Application Programming means that the application itself can re-program the on-chip Flash ROM.

Also UM10524 says

In-System programming (ISP) is programming or
reprogramming the on-chip flash memory, using the bootloader software and the
UART serial port. This can be done when the part resides in the end-user board.

Does that mean ULINK interfaced with SDDIO & SWCLK pins, access bootloader software & UART0 of the  LPC then program the IC.

However I debug my code using USART0 with ULINK. It worked fine. No error. As by above statements ULINK will access UART) to program however I am using USARt0 to send code on PC terminal.

Or I misunderstood it.