Passing a variable to a specific register in assembly

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Let's assume I have an structure of integers called Parameters

struct {
   int HLines;
   int CLines;
} paramters_t;

paremeters_t Parameters;

How do I perform the following instruction using Inline Assembly?

asm([color=#30f]"ldr r3,=&Parameters"[/color]) 

At first glance it might seem a trivial question, but I could not manage to do it even after several trials and errors and after scrutinizing the ethernut tutorial about Inline Assembly

Please notice that I must choose the register instead of letting the compiler choose it.

The reason I am doing that is because I want to access each element of the matrix by simply adding an offset to the LDR/STR instructions.

for example

ldr r0,[r3,#4] [color=#0c0]; load R0 with value CLines using only one instruction[/color]

If one of those values points for example to a peripheral register, I can access the peripheral by using only 2 cycles

for example assuming that the 4th element of the structure contains the address of SSP0_Base Register...

ldr r0,[r3,#010] [color=#090]; load R0 with SSP_0 Base address[/color]
ldr r0,[r0,#00C] [color=#090]; load R0 with the SSP_0 Status Register[/color]

My intention is to use this strategy for saving the use of registers and also instruction cycles on a video generator I am doing using LPC1111/201. Such generator is demanding that part of the code to be hand optimized.

Thanks in advance