Code Red Seems Buggy And User Hostile

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Izzy Weird on Wed Aug 24 11:37:24 MST 2011
My initial impressions:

How one loads (or saves) an existing project is well beyond non-intuitive. :mad:

I usually double-click a project file to bring up an IDE.  I also often open an IDE and load a project.

I created a project according to the (rather lengthy) instructions yesterday.  I was able to compile, load to an LPCXpresso (LPC1114) board, and even set breakpoints and step through it.  I verified interrupts were running too.:cool:  (This was an (LPC1112) example project originally intended for the Keil IDE.)

The JTAG interface on the LPCXpresso board seems to be really twitchy, and I had to hot plug the USB to the LPCXpresso board many times.

Today I cannot figure out how to get this project loaded.  There is no association between the LPCXpresso app and the project files.  Even forcing the file to be opened with LPCXpresso v4.0.6_152 gets a Windows error that LPCXpresso v4.0.6_152 is not a win32 app.  I cannot find any place where to save or load a project, where in the heck is this hidden?

[U][B]To add insult to injury I now have project folders nested below project folders, nested below project folders so deeply that Windows cannot delete them.[/B][/U]:eek:

I have used many an IDE, but Code Red had caused me more difficulty than any I have tried in the past.  Is this an IDE or a virus?  No wonder they spent big bucks on a huge encrypted ARM9 (simply as a JTAG interface, LOL :p). I guess this is an attempt to force you to use the Code Red IDE.  Good thing they provided pins for a (normal) JTAG interface.

  I will continue to try to discover (learn) how to use Code Red, but so far my “Turkey Detector” is ringing loudly.