Redsuit IDE and Red Probe Emulator support needed

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Dear NXP Team,

Currently I am using Red Suite (NXP Edition) v4.2.3_379 IDE Licensed version and License type: FULL, Debug limit: 256k also i am using  Red Probe+ emulator.

I want to migrate from Red Suit to LPCXpresso v7.8.0_426. I have following queries.

1. Currently I am using win XP, In order to use LPCXpresso i need to update my OS to win 7. After updating windows 7, Is it possible to reactivate the current redsuit license in win 7. Reason for the need of redsuit is "Field machines are having bootloader with Red Suit so we need to give support for that"

2. Will LPCXpresso IDE support for Red Probe + Emulator?

Please give your comments.