LPC1769 5 sensor ADC via target board USB

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by steveb on Fri Jan 11 03:46:18 MST 2013
I have a set of questions regarding a project being worked on.

The goal is to use an LPC1769 Rev. B board in a sensor package; There are 5 Sharp IR distance sensors. Output from the sensors is fed into ports P0.23, P0.24, P0.25, P0.26, and P1.30. An ADC converter converts the analog to digital, naturally, and, at the moment, this is all wired up on a bread board and visibly working when viewed using a printf statement in the IDE Debug panel. All of this sensor data is gathered into a 60 bit string.

The aforementioned has all been done, where we're running into trouble is transferring this via USB. USB connections are as follows,

USB Ground -> GNDX (J6-1)
USB D+ -> USB D+ (J6-37)
USB D- -> USB D- (J6-36)

When wired up this way it can be seen that 5v is being supplied to the board by the USB connections with a laptop and sometimes LED1 on the debug board starts flashing slowly. According to what I've read, I believe these connections to be correct but also suspect that this is where the problems arise. So, any idea as to where the problem may lie? We've looked at the USBlib examples (v0.97), were these made to work on the LPC1769, could that be the problem? Projects we've seen online have also had the LPC Baseboard attachement, is this required to achieve the task? Thank you for your time and insight.

The following is a link to the project's Paparazzi wiki page: http://paparazzi.enac.fr/wiki/TU_Delft_-_Search_and_Rescue_with_AR_Drone_2