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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rattus on Thu Aug 18 18:02:06 MST 2011
I have a funny issue - using my original easyweb - based code I have no problem forwarding port 80 through my router to the prototype; with uIP, using the exact same IP address, the uIP-based example will not respond. On the LAN, both examples respond to port 80 enthusiastically.

Additional clues - on the internal network, the old easyweb example hardwired on Ethernet coexists with the wireless network; at the same IP address, the uIP example does not - I have to disable the wireless connection in order to access my hardwired Ethernet prototype. I have taken care to keep the IP address outside the DHCP range to eliminate possible conflicts, but have stayed within the same subnet range.

Any ideas from those who have more experience with uIP, as to where I ought to focus my debugging efforts?