LPC1850 and SPIFI Programming via DFU tools

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Hello everybody out there!
I am trying to use lpc_dfusec tool v1.05 in Windows XP SP3 environment  (both REAL and virtualized using virtualbox) with no luck at all.
I am using both a custom made board based with a LPC1850 (LPC1850FET256  PFM006.04 ESD1148ZRY to be exact) with a Quad SPI Flash 8MB on board and Hitex LPC1850EVA-A4 evaluation board.
Under Linux OS, using the LPCXpresso and dfu-util and Code Red tools the  flash programming is working good, but it is limited to download only  128K and it is very slooooww (it takes over 1.5 minutes to download 90K  of code).
I would like to use the USB DFU boot option in mass-production using  lpc_dfusec with algorithms for SPIFI Quad Flash and programming directly  the FLASH via dfusec, because the application code can be as big as 6/7  Megabytes, as well as recovery option.
After installing .NET 4 from Microsoft website, then WinUSB Library and  then the LPC DFUSEC tool, when I start lpc_dfusec.exe it gives me error  both in HDR/RAW mode and in Program mode.
In HDR/RAW mode, after creating the .hdr file, the log window tells me:
RAW/HDR mode: starting download of image.
Error download image to board.
In Programming mode, there is another error:
** Attempting to process programming step 0 **
Download complete.
Waiting up to 4s for device detection after initial download
Device detected. Starting programming API
Unexpected state waiting for DFU_OPSTS_SENDSZ (6)
Error during programming cycle...
and it stops.
The options in the Programming Mode page are:
Algo: dfusecp_spiflash_18xx43xx.bin.hdr (from LPC DFUSEC installation)
File: mybinary.bin
Address: 0x14000000 (as the SPIFI Flash resides @ that address)
Size: 0x20000 (as the file is less than 128k)
Param: empty
Erase Region before programming CHECKED
HostSt: Error: unknown programming error
BoardSt: Error: programming address illegal
Any hint, help or clue from Forum Gurus???

I just tried on Windows 7 Professional edition with no luck at all. It hangs with NO-CONN message after the first attempt to program flash memory.

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