LPCXpresso 4.0.5 - cr_startup_lpc13.c import problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by pwiszowaty on Sun Jul 31 12:23:49 MST 2011
There is a problem when creating a new project in LPCXpresso 4.0.5 on Fedora 15 64-bit: IDE throws a NullPointerException after clicking "Finish" and the created project is missing src/cr_startup_lpc13.c. The src directory contains only main.c file. The project can be compiled but can't - obviously - be run on a microcontroller.
The workaround (pretty inconvinient) is to import the missing startup file from any of the example projects.
Attached exception stacktrace from .metadata/.log.

What might be the cause of the import failure ?